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NK Fabrications Pty Ltd has carried out various works for Sydney Water, Sydney Catchment Authority, Ausgrid and more


  • Winmalee Sewage Treatment Plant

The Aeration Tanks at this facility are large and needed to be improved to allow operators direct access to locations from which samples could be drawn. NK Fabrications Pty Ltd was asked by Sydney water to design, fabricate and install suitable platforms for this purpose.





  • Sydney Catchment Authority

The pipelines between Warragamba Dam and Pipehead at Guildford are fitted with air release valves at each high point along the line. NK Fabrications Pty Ltd provided detail drawings and fabricated and installed platforms and ladders to allow access for inspection and maintenance of these valves.




  • Ausgrid

To support cabling in new tunnels being built beneath Sydney,
Ausgrid needed the services of a Stainless Steel fabrication
specialist to supply heavy-duty Grade 316 brackets, columns etc.
NK Fabrications Pty Ltd have been happy to fulfil this role in an
ongoing relationship. Hundreds have been made; none have been returned.




  • Sydney Water

Due to our high quality standards and knowledge of Sydney Water requirements, we are a supplier to both Sydney Water and to its major maintenance providers.


 Among the more common fabrications are: 

  • Ladders, platforms and handrailing to all relevant Australian Standards and to WorkCover requirements,

  • Weather-proof and odour-proof hatches (our designs for these are now virtually standard for Sydney Water),

  • Aluminium stopboards,

  • Both mild steel and stainless steel valve extension spindles and

  • Mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium pipework.
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